Financial Reports

Comparison Formatting


For some strange reason, the format of the financial report comparison column figures is not included in the template producing all kinds of spurious figures when trying to produce a valid Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss statement.  The monetary sign is also missing. Fortunately this is easily corrected. So far, this problem has been found in Odoo 10, 11 CE editions. The solution below is a manual fix and any upgrade of the source code will overwrite this change.

Problem Example

You notice a rounding error and formatting errors in the comparison column together with no currently symbol.


The solution is to edit the report_financial view.

From Settings enable/activate the Developer Mode

From the Now available Technical Menu, Select User Interface | Views

Filter on report_financial

Have or create a backup of this view

Select and Edit the View

Typically line 98 will have the formatting for the current period column. Line 99 is the line to update.


Change line 99 to the same formatting options as line 98

The text to add is as follows.

t-options="{'widget': 'monetary', 'display_currency': res_company.currency_id}"

Ensure your syntax is correct and save the view.

Test your change by running a Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss statement with comparison enabled.