SecureAnyBox - Secure Workstations

Complete solution for local Windows accounts

A Different password every day for every company computer

Works offline for standalone PCs and notebooks

Windows workstations that have been deployed by an image traditionally have the same local accounts and passwords as the original installation used for image generation. With an easy to remember and unified password, a local Administrator account makes the life for your IT department easier while the head of security loses the last traces of their hair!  Local accounts are a security hole especially on standalone PCs and notebooks of your users who are outside the brick and mortar walls of your office. Whenever an install, system configuration, or any action requiring local administrator rights, authorised staff can request a one-time local admin password and get the job done quickly and efficiently, protecting both security and environment integrity.

SecureAnyBox doesn‘t need a connection to the server to manage a unique and secure password of the day for each local account on all your windows computers. Privileged administrators can obtain the workstation password of the day when they authenticate to the server and enter the name of the workstation. The system is perfect for standalone PC / laptops as well as a supplement for end-point security systems.
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