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Financial Reports

23/06/2020 04:00:40 In Odoo Tips
odoo, balance sheet, report_financial, comparison column
Fixing a problem in the View template for Odoo Financial reports.

Etherpad Lite

22/11/2017 01:45:49 In Odoo Tips
odoo, etherpad, etherpadlite
Etherpad Lite for OpenSUSE and Odoo

Wkhtmltopdf in Suse

22/11/2017 01:39:42 In Odoo Tips
odoo, wkhtmltopdf, suse, opensuse
Install for use with Odoo on SUSE Platform

Remove Powered by Odoo from Website footer.

22/11/2017 01:36:37 In Odoo Tips
odoo, debranding

Installing Odoo 10 on the SUSE Platform

22/11/2017 01:05:29 In Odoo Tips
odoo, opensuse
Little Helps for Odoo and the OpenSUSE Platform

Password Security in an Online World

12/06/2017 07:44:44 In SecureAnyBox - SafeBoxes
password, security, safebox
The SafeBox Solution for the safe storage and use of passwords in a shared environment

SecureAnyBox - SafeBoxes

08/03/2017 00:23:01 In SecureAnyBox - SafeBoxes
safe, keys, password, safebox, keypass, security, database
Password and Security Database system