Remove Powered by Odoo from Website footer.


1. Log in to the Odoo admin as administrator. Activate Technical Features, if not already activated, by going to Settings > Users > Users > Admin > Edit > Usability > Technical Features > check the box (on), click Save.

2. Go to Settings > Technical > User Interface > Views.

In the search box, next to filter icon, type "Footer Copyright", and hit enter to search.

3. It will show: View name: Footer Copyright. Click to open it. Click Edit.

Comment out lines of the code as follows:

<!-- Powered by <a class="label label-danger" href="">Odoo</a>,

the #1 <a href="">Open Source eCommerce</a>. -->

Click Save.

4. Refresh the browser view of your Odoo front end website. Log out and try to logi in again. The previously visible "Powered by" backlinks and text, are gone.