SecureAnyBox - SafeBoxes

Secure store for passwords, certificates and any documents with real sharing and audit.

List of Features

Security with peace of mind

Real Sharing

Controlled by Users; Administrator Attack Proof


Each User has own Access Code (Encryption Key)


Passwords, Certificates, Files etc


Safe Boxes and Groups of Safe Boxes


Access to all Individual Records is Logged


Secure Transmission of Sensitive Data

Controlled Visibility

Visibility Domains for User Groups, Customers, Parties


User Synchronisation from Multiple LDAP Sources

Rights Management

Dynamic Inheritance/Static Assignment of Access Rights

Using many different passwords?

For security purposes, you should be using different passwords for different accounts or services. But remembering all of them can be a nightmare. With SecureAnyBox you can have them all in one place.

Need to share passwords?

It very often happens that you need to share some of your passwords with your co-workers. For example, your company might have an account at some e-shop and several people need to access that. With SecureAnyBox you can easily share groups of passwords with groups of people and assign specific rights to who can do what with them.

An employee who knows a lot of passwords left your company?

When an employee leaves your company it might be necessary to change all passwords that he had access to. But that might be thousands of passwords – making this task a major obstacle. With SecureAnyBox you know exactly which passwords the employee has really accessed and thus need only change those affected.

Afraid that it will be too difficult to use?

Learning to use a new security software can be difficult and tedious. Not with SecureAnyBox – it’s user interface is so quick-to-learn and simple that even your grandparent can use that!